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DRAWING TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS (or whatever ELSE you call yourselves these days…..?)

On Youtube now……ThumbnailTHING

I know the video kind of ZIPS right on by—that’s because I’m trying to keep the interest of those who are short on time, or simply have short attention spans. With that candidly said….

All right, so, I hate being in my own videos, but when you want a job done RIGHT….you know.

When in Rome…” WAIT, that’s not where I was going with that at all.

Let’s keep moving, then.

HOW TO DRAW For Beginners (but more than just the basics)
Everything about the video was designed to cheer up struggling artists. If you could use a laugh, watch the video(Closed Captioning available). If you’d rather cut to the chase, here are the main points:

TIP 1:
If you can, listen to some really awesome(but not
too distracting) MUSIC. Me? I make my own music, but I usually listen to video game, animation, and film soundtracks.

TIP 2:
“The basic shapes?” They come in handy. If you forget them, it’s not the end of the world. PLENTY of things are the end of the world.
But not that.

TIP 3:
I have a saying: practice makes perfect…IN A PERFECT WORLD.
Is it perfect? NO. Neither I, nor you.
Just do your best, capisce?

TIP 4:
Art, IN EVERY FORM, can be extremely therapeutic. If you’re working through really negative things in your life, try not to let them kick your butt.
Siphon out that angst and use it to fuel the creativity you have.

TIP 5:
Keep corrective tape/fluid handy if you get distracted by mistakes.

TIP 6:
If it stops being fun, walk the HECK away and come back LATER. Sometimes WEEKS later. You’re in control; it’ll come, don’t force it.

TIP 6.5:
Also, GO GET A GOOD FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER and blow some @#?!@ heads off.

TIP 7:
Experiment with different kinds of pencils… Harder pencil lead makes lighter marks while softer lead gives you darker strokes.

TIP 8:
Anyone can draw. Comprendo?
Look at it this way: SURE, some folks are better at it than others. Maybe you’re not Da Vinci, but take a look around…nowadays, you don’t have to be.
Everyone and everything has an audience.
You simply need to FIND YOUR OWN FORTÉ.

TIP 9:
Tortillions’r great. But they’re like ‘nails on a chalkboard’ to me. I improvise with and am a FOOL for cotton balls and swabs because they are…fruffry.
And this fruffry pleases me.

TIP 10:
You can achieve fascinating effects with different erasers. Don’t just use your pencil’s eraser up; there are many other types out there, including gum and kneaded erasers.

ADDITIONALLY: It is easier than ever before to take your images into the computer(via scanner or camera) and manipulate them in a photo editing program. There are MANY choices, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed what with all that options out there….or your budget….but bear in mind that there are many free programs such as Gimp ( that keep you from being limited only to Microsoft Paint. For the video demonstration, I used Corel Paint Shop Pro X. I happen to use several programs in tandem; what one doesn’t do, the other will, so on and so forth.

Hope this helps! If not, you get no money back. I OWE YOU NOTHING. Go on, then. Be FREEEE.

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